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Somatic Coaching

Becoming  a mother at a young age, I have attended a true school of life together with my partner and my kids. In the beginning, we went through many struggles, fights, exhaustion and desperation. But deep down, I have always known that another life must be possible. A life, which feels good and healthy. Guided by this inner knowing and longing, an exciting search began. Countless books were devoured, further education and courses were attended and networking with like-minded people was encouraged. Somatic Experiencing became an important part in my life and helped me to gain a new attitude, supporting my inner transformation and healing of old wounds and traumas. Again and again, new perspectives opened up to me and I recognised meaningful connections. It was and continues to be an intensive immersion into the experience of being a family.

I feel so grateful to be able to say that I have found what I was looking for. My husband and I have succeeded in exploring completely new paths as a couple and with our three children, growing and transforming together. This fulfils and makes me happy.


I feel inspired to share my great passion and personal experiences with parents helping them to make true transformation possible in their families and for their lives.

Today, I am a young, happily married mother and still very much in love with my partner. Together we explore a new way of conscious love making and practise an authentic and transparent communication with each other. We have three beautiful children - Manu (8), Yuma (5) and Naïma (2) - who have never gone to school and probably never will. Together we explore this beautiful planet and grow in the university of life. We love to celebrate a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the Earth and the cycles of Mother Nature.


While this is what works for me and my family, I am fully aware that this must not be right for you. During a Somatic Coaching session I am holding space for you to find and support your own unique way of living.

The Somatic coaching sessions contain different elements with a relationship to your individual wishes and needs. On the one hand I share my personal experience with you and give you insights into our family life, while on the other hand I am supporting you to get in touch with your own inherent truth and intuition. Together we create a space for inner shifts and changes to occur naturally and in a step-by-step way, providing a fertile proving ground for you to re-purpose and re-create the life you wish to live with your family.

“Somatic” means to relate to the body as opposed to the mind. In this process, the mind is not excluded but rather brought back into a healthy and balanced relation with the body.

I believe that true change first has to happen inside oneself and then everything outside naturally falls in place. If we respect this simple law of nature, our seeds will start to bloom in our lives.

I offer Somatic Coaching in these specific areas:


- Sexuality

- Pregnancy & Birth

- Parenting 

- Unschooling 


Somatic Coaching session (1 hour) CHF 100.-

Online sessions are also available.

It is important to me that money does not prevent you from taking sessions.

Please contact me personally and we will find a solution. 


You can pay in cash or via e-banking. We are happy to provide you with receipts.


Please note our cancellation policy for appointments:

Up to 24 hours before your appointment you can cancel or postpone it. 

In case of later cancellation, we unfortunately have to charge you the full session costs. Thank you for your understanding.