This oil is made of precious and rare oils of high, organic quality: rosehip and pomegranate seeds, walnut, almond, jojoba and macadamia.

It is pure and free from any additives or etheric oils.

Use this oil to support and nourish your love making. 

Blessing Bodyoil 100ml

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The Love-oil is recommended in the Making Love Retreat by Diana & Michael Richardson and we get a lot of good feedback about the oil.

The composition of the different vegetable oils is perfect for the care of the intimate area in men and women and for support during making love.


Women report, for example, that the scars from episiotomy, since using the oil, no longer cause them pain. Also a generally higher well-being in the intimate area and a softening of the tissue is often mentioned.

Also in men, the oil obviously has a nourishing & nurturing effect and helps to keep the skin supple and elastic.

Palo Santo Massage Oil 100ml

Palo Santo originates from the primeval forests of South America and means translated "holy wood". There it is traditionally used in various forms in ceremonies and for healing purposes. This balsam tree has wonderful qualities and gives us the power to connect heart and mind, to find our inner balance and to go our way relaxed and inspired.

It is also said to banish negative energies and give us security, trust and protection. 


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