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Oceanic Bodywork® is a unique synthesis of different massage techniques and various shamanic approaches. The combination of movement, breath, music and silence awakens your joy of life and touches your deepest memories of a primal state of happiness and peace.

Long, flowing strokes combine with deep connective tissue massage, gentle joint relaxation and dynamic energy work. This full body massage with warm oil is executed with the hands as well as with the upper and lower arms. 

This deep massage with precious oils, incense and plant essences supports you in your cleansing, healing and centering process.


One treatment includes:


- Short introductory talk

- Relaxation of the joints and the body

- Massage with warm oil

- Short rest period & time for integration



Simple treatment (approx. 1 hour) CHF 100.-

Full body massage (approx. 1.5 hours) CHF 120.-



You can pay directly in cash or via e-banking. We are happy to provide you with receipts.


Please note our cancellation policy for appointments:

Up to 24 hours before your appointment you can cancel or postpone it. 

In case of later cancellation, we unfortunately have to charge you the full session costs. Thank you for your understanding.