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Mama Blessing


This ceremony has become a popular tradition worldwide in recent years. Its form has been passed down by the Navajo, a Native American tribe. Nowadays it gives women all over the world strength and positive thoughts for their upcoming birth and motherhood. In this beautiful ceremony, the expectant mother is blessed, honoured and strengthened in her femininity and child-bearing capacity. For this purpose, the women who are closest to her gather to shower her with love, good wishes and support.


The important elements of this blessing ceremony are:


-The purification of the place and of those present with incense.

-Introduction round

-Painting the belly of the mother-to-be with henna or finger paints.

-Relaxing, caring massages or soothing foot baths for the future mother.

-Bracelet and candle: Each participant ties a piece of string around her wrist and takes home a candle. While the child is  born, the bracelets are cut and positive thoughts are sent to the mother. The candle is lit with good wishes for mother and child.

-At the end of the ceremony, we share a meal and celebrate.

-This is a general outline, your personal wishes are woven in individually.