Protection Plantessence

This Plantessence the concentrated Power of some really useful and strong Plants.

It takes me over 2 Years to finish the Process of Extraction and many more until i figured out how that works.

This Product is the Crown of my Plantexperiments and provides as a Quality "Protection"...


To get this kind of Protection the Plants are connecting you to the Ground like the Tree "junipers oxycedrus" which lives in the rocks next to Sea...strong wind & harsh climates he has to fight with his incredible deep roots!


As well a open Heart is needed to have a lovely Connection towards yourself...a basic element of "Protection" provided by 4 different kinds of roses & Rosmarin which was growing in full warm sun!


Another very Important Ingredient is Tobacco, the Masterplant... used to clarify and clean our field.

This Plant is used by first Nation People to pray.

The Nicotine in this Plant is strong enough to kill Insects. (Some People used it this way)


White Sage has cleaning Energie as well, which are absolutely needed to feel clearly where our borders are to get protected.

In native cultures from north America its used to get energetically clean & good.


This Spray contains alsaw repellent Qualitys like the Cedar and the Juniper tree...

From "Junipera Virginia there are Wooden Boxes made to protect the content against insects because they don't like the smell (its a amazing fragrance).


Mugworth / Riversage fights Worms inside of the Body and is very good for the Stomache... in many Cultures used to clean out Houses and People by burning the herb.

This Herb represent a active Side of Protecting.


A personal Interpretation from the Pinetree is Orientation.

The Smell of the resin reminds me about forgotten Wisdom. This Tree brings Orientation in the Present, right now, aware about the focus. Strong, Straight & Wise.


From the Peaks of the Andes comes Palma Dulce, a mysterious Herb.

This sweet smiling Plant grows very high in the Mountains in regions where not many plants are growing.

This brings in the Fact that it is very close to the Sky & the Sun... A Quality which is needed in Moments of Protection.


One of my favourite herbs on this Planet is Sweetgrass, hierochloe odorata.

Its sweet and lovely fragrance calms down and relaxes Body and Mind.

In North America some tribes call it "Buffalograss", referring to the Animal which was the base of their life.

So from my point of view there is a "life giving" Memory in this herb as well.